Upcycle Innervation

Introducing the world of re-purposing material and creating a product of quality


Up-cycle innervation is a blog designed as a gallery to show case in-genius and beautifully flawed, Re-purposed handmade creations.

Why Innervation: The exact definition of innervate in action, is to reenergize a muscle by the means of innervation, to re-stimulate and connect a body part with energy. Micro pulses are streaming through our body with continuous electricity, allowing the reprocessing of information and growth. When we recreate a product of quality, by repurposing, were reprocessing information/media and electrifying it with our hands and giving it new purpose, up-cycling.

And if that doesn’t convince you of the importance of innervation in our up cycling community,  World of War-Carft has incorporated innervate as a spirit strengthener. One innervate bonus allows for regeneration of power. Exactly, were re-energizing, generating and purposing on a grand scale here. Innervation is the energy and motivation behind the innovation.

The concept of up-cycling is not a new one. Looking at our rubbish, garbage and trash ( whatever you all it) as a re-useable material rather than, just meant for the landfill, we eliminate, in essence, a form of pollution. Land-fill mountain ranges are multiplying at lighting speed around the world, especially in geological areas where land is scarce and the concept in unsustainable. To consider the magnitude of trash that is produced on a daily basis, in just my town alone,it is mind-boggling. To up-cycle, is to appraise material, explore an alternative use and implement it. Items once used, are now recreated in to a product of quality, we re-mold, re-love  and up-cycle it, by recreating rather than discarding.

The human mind never cease to amaze me; we are full of endless possibilities and ideas. When looking at our unwanted items and trash from a new angle, a stream of ideas  and possibilities become evident.   A significant effort has been made by my friends, family and  community at large to re-use, re-deuce, re-cycle, re-purpose and re-love the products they create.  I’ll  be show casing a weekly  expose’  of  projects that I hope to  inspire and impress the unlimited ideas of up-cycling.  We all have individual capabilities to re-create in the eye of our artist ability. By no means can I create what your hands design. That is what makes the art of up-cycling fun, our personality is presented in our presentation. Make it yours. And along the way we will contribute greatly to the reduction of human made mountain ranges Land fills  in our community.

Up-cycleing can be applied to new handmade goods as well by practicing green standards in any production, for example, minimizing waste and donating unwanted materials. My hope is to show you a world of possibility and along the way drop hints for a more sustainable life. Take notice of future links to determine your impact on the planet with eco footprint calculation and quizzes.

Join me on a weekly expose’ of ingenuity and innervation,  show casing the incredible world of up-cycling,  just about anything, even a cheese grater.


Grater Chandelier

10 thoughts on “Home

  1. What a very artistic way to reuse the things most of us just throw away. How would one get started doing this?


  2. Ill start adding DIY links to each post. Also, check my blog roll links for DIY and pinterest links.


  3. What a great idea, using recycled materials to decorate your house. I wish I had the talent to be creative and make cool artistic items. cs5711


  4. I have to admit that I normally don’t normally think about reusing metal, rubber or plastic materials once they are “broken” or “junked”. While i’m not sure how much I can do in my own home, this blog could have some interesting ideas for the future. #cs5711


  5. http://appearancematters.wordpress.com/, you do have the talent and it is yours. I by no means am an artist in every craft idea I take on. It is more for the challenge and experience. When I come across a new idea that re-uses material and creates a new…. I have contributed greatly to the environment and my soul. Plus, some of these ideas are so easy and straight forward anyone came do them. Plus, Plus, there great gift, helping me save $$ on presents.
    Thank you for your comment.


  6. http://gravatar.com/skaskull85, I hope that you follow along, because the ideas will get better and varied. a little some thing for everyone. Thank you for your interest. #cs5711


  7. What a wonderful way to help save the earth. It really only takes one person to start a chain reaction.


  8. I really enjoyed reading your blog!!! Like many have stated before me, the creativity and thoughtfulness to try and make an impact on our Earth is very refreshing!!! I love the layout of your blog and how easy it is to navigate! Are most of the pieces on your blog items that you personally re-create and how did you come up with this idea? #cs5711


  9. Looks like I should dig in my garage and find some “re-usable” treasures! Great ideas!


  10. ‘A Little Sparkle in Life’ always believes that ‘everyone can be an artist in green’. It is quite fun and helpful to trun trash into treasures. I really love your post and your creativities, and hoping your posts would let more people know about upcycling and its benefits. The reason why I started a campaign called ‘A Little Sparkle in Life’ is to encourage people, especially young people today, to do some creative work to help the environment:)


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