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Green House from the Past

I am excited that my first up-cycle expose’ is of my  dear friend Holly’s green house, which is a darling addition to her homesteading project in the works. The green house was built for salvaged windows from Recycle Town in Sonoma County, California and the door came from a farm-house whose origin is unknown. Built by a friend in the last two years, the windows  cover the upper and lower half of the green house, on three sides allowing for optimum sun exposure. Holly is proud of her green house, which she busies her self often, seeding and transplanting medicinal herbs and flowers for various gardens around the property. While I have seen the green  house before, I never knew the back story and creative use of material. Perfect example of taking materials  that would have made their way to the land fill  and instead constructed a sturdy and eye pleasing green house that will last many years.

According to letsrecyle.com, around 4.5 million tons of waste wood arises in the U.S. each year but only half of this is currently recycled, with the remainder sent to landfill.  They are reporting on the introducing and restriction on the land-filling of wood waste, with the aim of diverting the still substantial tonnage that ends up in landfill to better uses up the waste hierarchy and delivering clear environmental benefits. This diversion includes creating possibilities for reuse of scrape wood. Creating alternate uses could easily eliminate 1 million tons of  wood waste from our every growing land fills.

Holly’s greenhouse project contributes to eliminating wood waste. For more information  about building a greenhouse from recycled wood and up-cycling up yard and garden follow the link below.



Green House, Capturing Rising Sun

Green House, Capturing Rising SunDSCN4082