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Ground Score Sculptures


As Jody Stein,

travels the paths of daily life, she keeps one eye forward and one eye to the ground constantly scanning for treasures. Treasures in the form of trinkets and street debris, that if they could talk would tell a story. These treasure become re-storyed in Steins miniature sculptures  On the many occasions I have walked with Jody and she  finds a “Ground Score” , her reaction is priceless, as she asses the artist possibility in that object. Her “Ground Score,” a phrase she coined when referring to sculpture media finds, will be mixed in to her amassed collection of objects. They sit in assorted size bowls, and platters, looking much like the painters pallet in a studio, waiting for Stein’s creative and ingenious hand to recreate their story.

Stein is drawn to the possibility and potential  in ground score finds like, a sliver of colored plastic or a metal fuse that once acted as a residual current device. Now through the  steady and creative hand of  Stein, the current is recreated in a ripple effect of artistry and creativity valued in up-cycling.

Cleverly, one can see in these photos, that compare  Stein’s sculptures to a classic penny, the unique and delicate size of her creations. When fashioning and constructing her ground scores, Jody say’s the pieces talk to her. “Intuitively I know the particular placement that will balance and anchor the sculpture.” One can not survey and study these sculptures without amazement to detail. As if each piece was meant for the other, like a puzzle.

For more information, contact Jody Stein at


JOdy 2Jody 4Jody 3Jody 51 Jody

Ground Score Sculptures


2 thoughts on “Ground Score Sculptures

  1. I like her imagination. What fun. I particularly like the scale of these items. The penny gives a much clearing aspect to the piece. (CS5711)


  2. I absolutely love these wee sculptures. I’m also a “picker-upper” as I stroll around town, but I don’t have the artistry that Jody has to put them together so beautifully. (P.S. The email address doesn’t work as a link — it tries to find a web page. I’ll email her separately.) Do you know if she solders the pieces together, or just glues them? What kind of glue would work?
    Say you collected these tiny pieces; how would you creatively display them in an upcycle way?



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