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Fabric-mache’ Hanging Ball Lamp


Ever few weeks I get pampered at Mira of Beauty Spa, owned and operated by, Juliette Bellefeuille. She has created a elegant and relaxed environment in which to luxuriate and rejuvenate one’s self in health and beauty. Her mission;  to “Enhance peoples natural beauty.” This is done most impart by her skills, added with furnishing and esthetics, which to my thrill and delight I learned Juliette created with an up-cycleing theme.

Hanging large and bright above her waxing table is a circular globe light. Having a circumference of about 5 1/2 feet, you can imagine the impression it demands. Spreading soft white light about the room, Juliette’s lamp is not only efficient, but lovely.

Juliette fashioned this lamp from every day items that would have ended up in our landfills. Made from recycled mosquito netting, they were once curtains and rope used to lash board signs together. She started by creating a homemade mixture of plaster of paris from flour, sugar and water. By blowing up a large ballon to create a frame and sizing templete. She spread the mosquito netting on the ballon and using the plaster of paris ,painted the netting on to it. After painting on several layers, the lamp sat in order to dry, for 2 days. Testing for firmness and structure strength, the ballon was popped, leaving her with a perfect circle, seen in photo #5 un-illuminated.

Her biggest challenge was hanging the lamp and still maintain its beauty and structure, while producing light. The lamp was hung by, Re-using old x-mas ornament hooks, you know the ones that end the season in a tangled mess and land in the rubbish (they are recycle-able  in our single stream recycling system in Sonoma County).  However, our brilliant Juliette hung her Fabric-Mache’ Lamp elegantly from a tile plaster ceiling, which delivers soft, and strong light.

At every turn, even my pampering time, I am reminded of the ingenuity of up-cycing.  Thank you Juliette Bellefeuille for sharing your project with me and the community.

DIY Link to make your own Ball Lamp



5222 Country Club Drive
Rohnert Park, Ca. 94928
(next to the Firestation)




2 thoughts on “Fabric-mache’ Hanging Ball Lamp

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about re-using, recycling and upcycling items. I especially enjoyed the blog about the Spa you go to and how the owner made a lamp. Although I try to recycle and donate as much as I can I have never created something new like this. I like the use of your links to other sites that recycle too. Keep up the good work!
    Bonnie #cs5711


  2. Thank Bonnie. i aim to inspire and put no expection on how it manifests.


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