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Pallet to Play Fort

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When I put a call out to my community, about my blog, Upcycle-Innervation starting up, I told everyone I was searching for up cycled projects, completed or in the proscess of completion, to show case. My friends Scott and Sorel jumped at the opportunity. And I could see why instantly, when I went over to their house to take picture of their project. My first reaction was WOW, this is incredible and ingenious.

Scott has designed and constructed a play fort for his 2 boys, built from the frame of an old doll house and re-used wooden pallets. While in its finishing stage, one can see the quality and love for the project. Painstakingly, with hours of patients, Scott had cut, sized, sanded and fine fit ever piece of wood, including that which will become the outer walls of the fort. Made to mimic a castle fort, Scott hand carved/tooled the Pinnical watch tower which is flanked by two watch towers. Each tower is adorned with crow stepped gables that encircle their top platform. Stairways leading from each story, has been hand carved and micro fitted to perfect size. Each corner has the feel and look of a traditional wood fort ( see photos below). Landing between each tower, allow the boys ample space to play out any fantasy their hearts desire.

Pictures below, demonstrate the craftsmanship and skill Scott has put in to this project for his boy’s. This will be a treasured, loved and well played with toy for years to come. And the memories that will be built by helping dad build this fort and years of playing with it, will be priceless.

Extra bonus is Scott used reused materials, which cut down the price for a fort of this size and quality. The environment thanks him.

Being in the last stages of completion, I will showcase the final project when completed with anticipation.

Statistics vary regarding just how many million wood pallets now reside in landfills. Some estimates claim that as many as 200 million wood pallets are thrown into U.S. landfill facilities every year. Of those that find their way to the dump, over half were used only once before they were discarded. If ever there was a poster child for conspicuous waste, the wood pallet is it.












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