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Banner of Books


As we forge forward in this ever-increasing arena of electronic communication, the ever LOVED book (one you can hold in your hands, experience) is exponentially becoming phased out. While I still have a great library and will continue to mass it,  and, used book stores like TreeHorn Books,  are staying a float as a novelty and counter-culture interest, thousands of books are making their way to the Great landfills of our communities.

What to do with these books, once loved, so they become something better, unique.  Well I have shown cased a few ideas so far, but how about banners. Books have unique pages, colors, designs and wording styles that can enhance any stencil one would wont to super-impose in to them. A few weeks ago, my friend shared with me her hammer of love, someone had made her family. I thought  it was the greatest idea. What an ingenious way to reuse books. This idea could be expanded on in so many ways. One could  paint pictures that are theme appropriate for the occasion, like baby showers, weddings, and birthdays, or a special night for the one you love. Since the media is paper, stickers will work perfectly, (smiling at the simplicity of it).  I  confess, I still have childhood scrapbooks full of old stickers that I collected as a little girl, yep that’s right, I was a Lisa Frank fan!!

This is just the beginning, the possibilities  for reusing old books to create banners and other craft projects is endless.










2 thoughts on “Banner of Books

  1. What a great idea! It’s decorative too! #cs5711


  2. Not ready to abandon books! Witnessing one of the post pivotal times in history!


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