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Railroad Spikes Re-Hooked

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This weeks up-cycle piece was inspired by a few field trip outings I embarked on last year. I was taking a walking adventure along the new SMART rail train project still in construction behind Aroma Roasters.  While exploring I found several old railroad spikes laying in the rubble. They must have been pulled from the old track when the new construction began. On a few occasions after my discovery I stopped a worker to inquire and got very little information. On the day I found the spikes I used for this project, there were several more lying around. In my heart i left them hopping someone else would find one and be inspired like myself.

Discovering the spikes gave me the idea of a coat rack designed specifically for the  wall. Combination art piece and utility installation. On a field trip to Goat Rock beach off  Highway 1 in California, I found a mound of drift wood. It was impressively large, wish I had a photo for you.  For the next hour I search for the right piece. At the time I was looking for ascetics not practicality, something that I would later wish I had looked for  because, even though my end project was interesting and beautiful, it was middle  heavy. I choose the final piece because the spikes would evenly fit, with a good distance from each-other, however, it was like I mentioned before, a little to mid heavy and difficult to hang. I am still searching for the right hook to attach my rack, one that is not so large that it will take away from the ascetics.

The final piece still makes me proud and brings a smile to my face. There is a story in those spikes somewhere. Thousands of miles of train cars have rolled over them, bringing a story within it self. That is the joy of up cycling. Recreating with recycled media, one is giving new life to an old object. Every thing has a story that should keep on sharing, instead of landing in our Mountain Range Dumps.









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