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Introducing the world of re-purposing material and creating a product of quality

Miniature Magazine Collage




To gage the artists skill, is to observe the multiple facets and media they create in. Jody Stein does just that, works in many medias designing incredible works of art, that embody up-cycleing. This weeks expose’ of miniature magazine collages, are a product of great quality. Stein has taken magazine pictures, disposed of their content and re-created art that displays color and texture.

Not being a professional photographer, the images below do not do the artwork justice or represent its true visual impression . The time-consuming process of separating the art from the  magazine picture, involves creating lengths of ad paper and repasting them over and over again, the end result being the photos below. I love that Jody has once again reused the items in her life to create art, instead of throwing them away.




DSCN4712 DSCN4718 DSCN4723 DSCN4724 DSCN4727 DSCN4706






2 thoughts on “Miniature Magazine Collage

  1. Does Jody use original materials for the effect, or does she photocopy some of it? I really loved her mini-sculptures from your previous post.
    Mari, this has been my personal favorite blog of the semester. Thank you for all your ideas and enthusiasm.


  2. It is really amazing what you can do with left over material things instead of filling up our land waste with junk that will not dissolve. Very interesting and cool. I will definitely think about if I can use left over material to decorate things. #cs5711


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