Upcycle Innervation

Introducing the world of re-purposing material and creating a product of quality


Growing up on my parents self proclaimed commune in West Sonoma County California, our family , as second nature used things till they fell apart or found a new creative use for it. For this I will forever be grateful, for my life has been exposed to  inspiring  ingenuity since. When someone sees and item meant for that devastating new mountain range popping up around the world, called landfills, I  span a mental rolodex geared towards up-cycling ( reuse discarded objects or material in such a way as to create a product of a higher quality or value than the original) finding a new way to bring it to life. The possibles are endless.

One of the main reasons for up-cycling/recycling is to reduce the amount of garbage sent to landfills. Landfill usage peaked in the 1980s, when Americans sent almost 150 million tons (136.08 million metric tons) of garbage to landfills each year. Today, we still dump more than 100 million tons (90.719 million metric tons) of trash into landfills annually.

Making something brand new and useful  from  materials  meant for the landfill means using fewer natural resources. Up-cycling material into a new item require less energy than it would take to manufacture the same item brand-new.

Up-cycling,  known as re-pursing material, leaves me with great creative rewards that Ill be passing over to you. The craft gene flows through me. Each week Ill create an expose’ project for every day projects using items we discard as useless and most likely land in the grey or blue single stream bin.



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  1. up cycle innervation
    I find it very intriguing making a use of something that’s broken or just being creative with items have you thought about selling items ? I’ve seen TV show’s that do this on HGTV check there website out .
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