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Banner of Books

As we forge forward in this ever-increasing arena of electronic communication, the ever LOVED book (one you can hold in your hands, experience) is exponentially becoming phased out. While I still have a great library and will continue to mass it,  and, used book stores like TreeHorn Books,  are staying a float as a novelty and counter-culture interest, thousands of books are making their way to the Great landfills of our communities.

What to do with these books, once loved, so they become something better, unique.  Well I have shown cased a few ideas so far, but how about banners. Books have unique pages, colors, designs and wording styles that can enhance any stencil one would wont to super-impose in to them. A few weeks ago, my friend shared with me her hammer of love, someone had made her family. I thought  it was the greatest idea. What an ingenious way to reuse books. This idea could be expanded on in so many ways. One could  paint pictures that are theme appropriate for the occasion, like baby showers, weddings, and birthdays, or a special night for the one you love. Since the media is paper, stickers will work perfectly, (smiling at the simplicity of it).  I  confess, I still have childhood scrapbooks full of old stickers that I collected as a little girl, yep that’s right, I was a Lisa Frank fan!!

This is just the beginning, the possibilities  for reusing old books to create banners and other craft projects is endless.










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Floating Crane Mobile

Origami ( the Japanese art of decorative paper-folding) has always fascinated me. From a distance I would admire and secretly covet elaborate deigns and styles. Part of my embarking on this Up-cycle blog, was to have the opportunity to put my crafty intentions into action. An origami project was first on this list. So…

Last weekend my dear friend Jody Stein, creator of ” Ground Score Sculptures” and myself got together and created the MOST fabulous Floating Crane mobile using paper from old magazines and twigs from her back yard. Being a first timer with origami, I was grateful to have a pro as my guide. Jody was patient when demonstrating each fold necessary to allow for the step by step process (she would make a great teacher). Especially, since working with the slick, glossy and heavy magazine paper was unforgiving. A later challenge would be finding the center of gravity when the cranes were strung up on a twig because, each crane’s weight was different do to the ink not being uniform for each page. With our finished project being a little off-center, we decided the asymmetrical look gave the mobile character.

Flipping through magazines, we choose pages with a particular color theme, red, purple and sparkles from large-scale jewelry ads. Attempting to guess at what the finished crane would look like was difficult because, we were un-sure where the pattern would land on the body or wing. Throwing caution to the wind, we allowed for artistic mystery to take over. The result was a unique pattern formed from the fashion ads, that in their own right are pretty snazzy.

Each square was measured and cut by hand, which took about 15 minutes. Folding the cranes took longer than expected, since I was practicing the, learn as we go method. We made 9 cranes, based on a  3/4 tier design Jody drew up. I have searched high and low for a HOW TO link, with no luck. This is a Jody original. However, listed below are links for instructions on folding origami and string mobiles. Have fun and remember it’s about the creativity and up cycle. everyone’s project will have  different result. Enjoy.

At the end of post is a sweet 22 second video of the Floating Crane Mobile