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Miniature Magazine Collage



To gage the artists skill, is to observe the multiple facets and media they create in. Jody Stein does just that, works in many medias designing incredible works of art, that embody up-cycleing. This weeks expose’ of miniature magazine collages, are a product of great quality. Stein has taken magazine pictures, disposed of their content and re-created art that displays color and texture.

Not being a professional photographer, the images below do not do the artwork justice or represent its true visual impression . The time-consuming process of separating the art from the  magazine picture, involves creating lengths of ad paper and repasting them over and over again, the end result being the photos below. I love that Jody has once again reused the items in her life to create art, instead of throwing them away.




DSCN4712 DSCN4718 DSCN4723 DSCN4724 DSCN4727 DSCN4706






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Ground-Score Sculptures II

Jody Stein has done it again, creating intricate, one of  a kind, masterful “Ground Score Sculptures.” Her latest series, positioned as an army of art below, are created and erected  from discarded scrape metal fragments, pencil reminisce and plastic pieces that once were the innards of some random technological device.  Recently, Stein expended her art studio, which inspired these new creations. I am the lucky one, getting to feast my eyes on these treasures first hand and then getting to share with you the fruits of Steins artist design.

Within each piece of media that  “Ground Score Sculptures” are created from, tell a cycle of stories. Some how this media has become part of Steins’ sculptures and  what she artistically does is retell the story. Her fingers are nimble and skilled at fine detailed work. Creating miniature works of art, she is often designing with tiny fragments and slivers of media.

Each sculpture uniquely joins, symmetry, balance, design and color, creating something of wonder. I have often ask Jody how she knows pieces of media will fit as through they were one . Her answer, “the pieces talk to me, I just know.” What impresses me most is the physical balance she creates in each sculpture.

Pictures do not do Jody Stein’s ground score sculptures justice.  They are meant to be experienced up close, at eye level. Having both a front and back side to each sculpture, viewing the circumference, demonstrates the intricacy  and  detailing Stein has captured in each, one of a kind piece.

I must add the Jody in her own way is contributing to a microcosm of sustainability and up cycling, taking something ( discards from our daily lives) and creating something of quality and value.

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Belt Buckles ” wear-able art”

This week I’m more showing off, than show casing an Up-cycling project. Over the last few years, I’ve been creating belt buckles, each unique, do to the media used to design the front facade.  Never knowing what the end product will be, each piece is unique, making it “wearable art.” Catering to the lover of uniformity, abstract and relief designs, these buckles are sparkly, matte, metal cold and swede, just to descried a few directions my designs take. My studio is over flowing with media of all sorts, like batches of buttons, watch parts, keys to doors that no longer exist or made for that matter and costume jewelry, just to rattle off a few media sources. One of my favorite places to hunt media is at Pick-in Pull junk yards, especially for car emblems and shattered windshields. It is amazing the relief deigns the shards of tempered glass creates. Never at a loss for media, since I use material that would once have been on a one way trip to our ever-growing mountain ranges called Land Fills.

Granted, my canvas, being belt buckle blanks that I purchased new, makes my designs not completely 100% up-cycled. But I have found it difficult to find reused or thrift store buckles. Having spent many hours searching the second-hand nooks and crannies of Sonoma Co., I am left to believe that fashionistas, like myself , hold on to old buckels. Many times we buy them as a personal character purchase, at least I do.

I have selected for this blog a few simple designs created from, computer parts, shoelaces, leather stripes, junked beaded curtains (gold stars), metal used to insulate a car carburetor, sequins and fabric. They all reflect a colorful, fun, sparkly theme. I like to create streams of one of a kind, similar design themes. Custom designs are a specialty. Many friends have brought personal trinkets that they wanted to re-create into something new, different and wearable, makes for a fantastical story, wrapped in sentiment.

DSCN4243 DSCN4239 DSCN4228 DSCN4227DSCN4250DSCN4248DSCN4241




Ground Score Sculptures

As Jody Stein,

travels the paths of daily life, she keeps one eye forward and one eye to the ground constantly scanning for treasures. Treasures in the form of trinkets and street debris, that if they could talk would tell a story. These treasure become re-storyed in Steins miniature sculptures  On the many occasions I have walked with Jody and she  finds a “Ground Score” , her reaction is priceless, as she asses the artist possibility in that object. Her “Ground Score,” a phrase she coined when referring to sculpture media finds, will be mixed in to her amassed collection of objects. They sit in assorted size bowls, and platters, looking much like the painters pallet in a studio, waiting for Stein’s creative and ingenious hand to recreate their story.

Stein is drawn to the possibility and potential  in ground score finds like, a sliver of colored plastic or a metal fuse that once acted as a residual current device. Now through the  steady and creative hand of  Stein, the current is recreated in a ripple effect of artistry and creativity valued in up-cycling.

Cleverly, one can see in these photos, that compare  Stein’s sculptures to a classic penny, the unique and delicate size of her creations. When fashioning and constructing her ground scores, Jody say’s the pieces talk to her. “Intuitively I know the particular placement that will balance and anchor the sculpture.” One can not survey and study these sculptures without amazement to detail. As if each piece was meant for the other, like a puzzle.

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Ground Score Sculptures