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Glass Bottles Illunminated

Glass bottle lamps are a brilliant use of a product reused as a  craft media. Generally, we find our selves re-cycling glass, but by up-cycling we continue the evolutionary story for that container. By eliminating the energy resources needed to melt down glass during the re-cycling process, we take out of the equation enough glass to fill  tractor trailers that could stretch from New York to Los Angeles and back! The beauty of Glass containers is that all shapes and sizes can transform in to something fantastical like a side table lamp, hanging lanterns and bottle shelves.

In my travels, this little gem of a lamp caught my eye, at my dear sisters house.  She had received it as a gift from work. I thought the idea that some one made all their employees (20 plus) wine bottle lamps was incredibly inspiring and caring. How easy and industrious is this project; your up-cycling a medium, eliminating glass from land fills and BEST YET, Instead of fighting with strings of Christmas lights in the holiday season, put them in glass bottles or jars.


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